/ 42 minutes /

Away from city lights, when the night is clear, the sky looks as if someone showered it with jewels. However, today, busy and immersed in the world of numbers and patterns, we often look at the sky without emotions, and the star constellations have become only echoes of mythical heroes and monsters. The majesty of the sky, its power, constancy and mystery causes that for centuries it has been a canvas for the projection of various fantasies that were born in the minds of observers. So how to bring the Cosmos closer and describe it to people? It turns out that you can use maps and globes, you can describe this with drawings, poetry and music. And the combination of everything has become an extraordinary device invented 100 years ago - a planetarium. This is all just to make this immeasurable and extraordinary Cosmos at your fingertips.

Planetarium show ticket price: reduced fee 24.00 PLN   / normal fee 29.00 PLN
The headphones are given by the personnel in the room under the Planetarium dome.

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