/ 40 minutes /

This show is prepared to celebrate The Year of Nicolaus Copernicus 2023. Space technology develops rapidly, but Cosmos itself seems to be unchanging. We can admire the starry sky just like Nicolaus Copernicus 550 years ago. But let’s our imagination run wild, after all, we are in the planetarium… It is 2473 and the inhabitants of the Martian base are preparing for the millennium of the birth of our great astronomer! What phenomenon in the sky will accompany this celebration? Let's check! Our story, however, will not only be a adventurous journey into the future, but also an occasion to reminisce about Copernicus anniversaries. How were they formerly celebrated in Frombork and Torun? Let's look with a smile at old film chronicles. During the show, we also go to the star 55 Cancri, which in 2015 was named "Copernicus", to look at the planets that orbit around this star. Does this distant world resemble our solar system?

Planetarium show ticket price: reduced fee 24.00 PLN   / normal fee 29.00 PLN
The headphones are given by the personnel in the room under the Planetarium dome.

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