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Although summer nights are short and the sun sets late, the warm evenings are the most pleasant for observation of the sky. When on holidays we will surely look to the sky at night. There we will see hundreds of stars – tiny specks strewn around the sky. This is both a beautiful and incredible sight. When the sounds of civilisation disappear, when you are alone under the star-lit firmament, the sky overwhelms with its vastness. It seems to be so mysterious and unattainable. However all you need to do is to look more carefully and it may turn out that the stars are not so unattainable as they may seem. The bright points will slowly start to fit into the drawings of constellations you saw long ago, and the names heard in the past will start to fit what you see.

Such a travel through the sky is not always easy. It is better to watch the sky with someone offering advice during such travels. The Planetarium in Toruń offers such help. During the "Summer Under the Stars" show we will take a trip among the stars and constellations. We will meet mythical Greek heroes and terrifying monsters. We will travel to meet the stars that cannot be seen from Poland – we will see the Crux and Magellanic Clouds. We will meet foreign suns, get to know the faraway nebulas, see how the stars live and die, and how new planets are born. All this will be described in an accessible anc comprehensible way.

Planetarium show ticket price: reduced fee 24.00 PLN   / normal fee 29.00 PLN
The headphones are given by the personnel in the room under the Planetarium dome.

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