The heart of the planetarium is SkyMaster ZKP 4 star projector of the German company Zeiss, which is used for presenting the appearance of the sky at any moment and place on Earth. Thus, on the dome we can present the configuration of 7000 stars visible to the naked eye and also the configuration of planets relating to the zodiac, the arrangement of constellations, the phases of the Moon, eclipses of the Sun and all phenomena that can be seen on the real sky, but what is the most important - far faster than in the reality. The projector is situated in the central place on the room and around it there are 189 armchairs. Our own fulldome system lets us present practically every kind of astronomical objects and phenomena with excellent quality.

In the Planetarium in Torun you can watch several shows. At the present moment, 9 of them are available in English.