We kindly ask all our visitors to the Planetarium in Torun to accept the rules:
 * No smoking.
 * No animals.
 * No food or drinks please.
 * Please do not use cameras and mobile phones during the show in the Planetarium.
 * External lift for disabled people only, not baby carriages.
 * We reserve the right to refuse entry for antisocial behaviour (e.g. being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or disturbing public order).
 * We offer our attractions for children at least 4 years old. This is due to the content of the astronomical shows and exhibitions and also conditions in the halls (darkness, sound and visual effects, etc.). Due to the architectural limitations inside the historic building of our Planetarium (e.g. narrow stairs and passages) and related to that safety instructions we are not allowed to enter the baby carriages into the halls. External elevator requires the assistance of our worker and is designed only to transport disabled persons using wheelchairs.
Thank you for your understanding.

pdfVisiting regulations.