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Are we alone in the universe? Is the Earth the only inhabited planet? Are there any other intelligent beings in the Universe? How did we come about and where are we going?
People search the sky for answers to these questions. Since the time of Galileo, since the construction of the first telescope, we have come closer to those alien worlds. Mere observation from Earth is not sufficient, we send space probes around the Solar System. We photograph unusual places, we see amazing landscapes, we listen to sounds from other planets. We study space around us looking for places with conditions suitable for sustaining life but we still haven’t found anything beyond the Earth. But it does not mean that life is not there or that the rest of the solar system is dead. The best way to find out what to look for is to get to know the only place where we know life thrives - Earth!
Several times life on Earth stood on the edge and was close to annihilation. There were global catastrophes on our planet from time to time. There were various reasons: an asteroid in the Chalk period, then period during the reign of the dinosaurs, a nearby supernova exploded and fell or a gamma-ray burst in the Ordovician period, later for a million years there was volcanic activity in Permian when more than 90% of marine species and 75% land anials vanished from the Earth. It was the largest of the five mass extinctions in history. Are we destined for a sixth?

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