/ 38 minutes /

The story about the unusual and extreme conditions in the Solar System. We will check the weather that will be encountered by future dwellers of Moon and Mars bases. We will look for places with extreme wind, pressure, lightening and rainfall and even dive into a hail of diamonds.

Today, we follow the maps and weather forecasts, but for careful observers it was enough to look to the sky. The star Sirius may be a good meteorological indicator. Or the Big Dipper, whose position on the horizon could be a good calendar. At the night sky there are also: the silver Venus, Jupiter and red Mars. Interestingly, their brilliance always seems still and intense. So, do the planets have an atmosphere just like our Earth? Do they have their own exotic weather which forms their worlds?

Planetarium show ticket price: reduced fee 20.00 PLN   / normal fee 24.00 PLN
The headphones are given by the personnel in the room under the Planetarium dome.

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